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A Dj/accounting Student and a drummer/legal Professional meet in Cleveland`s best-kept secret artist buildings and decide to start a branded merchandising business... LEFT BANK CREATIVE

Co-Founders dani and Britt, holding over a decade of combined
experience in the promotional merchandising industry, also share
experience in the entertainment and special event sectors, where
cultivating memorable experiences and connections is paramount. With LEFT BANK CREATIVE, they are redirecting that expertise and applying it to developing marketing campaigns centered around branded and promotional products.
dani entered the branded merchandising industry in 2016 coming from an eclectic background in video production, live music and special events. She specializes in applying a guerilla marketing style to branded merchandising to create unique and innovative brand experiences for her clients. She has extensive experience in product selection and procurement, and a comprehensive understanding of apparel decoration and trends. She holds an LLM in Entertainment Law and continues to pursue interests in the music industry and law. 
Britt entered the brand merchandising field from the event promotion and logistics spaces, with extensive experience across marketing, event promotions and strategy.
She specializes in the development of brand identity and aesthetic and marrying that identity with physical products and strategy. With an eye for detail and always a finger on the pulse, she excels in identifying creative solutions to client needs. Britt is pursuing a degree in accounting and continues to build a career that combines her strongest attributes.  
In a digital world, people crave connection and analogue experiences.
LEFT BANK CREATIVE believes that a physical or tangible experience is the
strongest enforcer of brand awareness and relationship, and that
promotional products, when leveraged correctly, can provide that

In simple terms...

We help people promote their businesses, brands and events with some super sweet custom products. 
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